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Ramon Allones Sur 25 Cigars (RE14)



This product is no longer in stock

Size Genios
Ring 52
Length 140mm
Ring Size 20,64mm
Cigars per box 25

The Phoenicia City of Sur or “Tyre†as it is named nowadays was founded at the start of third millennium B.C.

Old Sur consisted of two parts, the main trade center on an island about half a mile from the mainland and the old city or “Ushu†as it was named on the shore. It took Alexander the Great seven months to conquer the island.

The merchants of Sur, navigated the Mediterranean waters where they founded their colonies on its coasts reaching Sicily, Corsica, Tartessus, and North Africa, where they founded the famous colony of Carthage, whose leader Hannibal almost defeated the Roman Empire.

Sur was the birthplace of Europa, a Phoenician royalty descendant who was abducted by Zeus, the Greek God. It was after Europa that the name of the continent Europe originated from.

Sur was also the city of Cadmus, the Phoenician prince who introduced the Phoenician alphabet to the Greeks.

Habanos SA granted the name of Sur to its 2014 Regional & Exclusive Edition as tribute to this great city.