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Bolivar Byblos 25 Cigars (RE16)

Bolivar Byblos 25 Cigars (RE16)



Size Magicos
Ring 52
Length 115mm
Weight 11,24gm
Brand Bolivar
Category Regional Edition
Cigars per box 25

Bolivar Byblos ( Ring Gauge 52  X Length 115 mm)

Byblos ‘Jbeil’, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, tracing back to the Neolithic period around 5000BC, making it one of the richest archaeological areas in the Middle East. Millennia ago Byblos was the commercial and religious capital of the Phoenician coast. Its also gave its name to the Bible and it was there that the first linear alphabet was invented. For the year’s 2016 exclusive regional edition, Habanos has exceptionally devoted a vitola, which is normally excluded from the vitolas selected for the Regional Edition program; the Petit Robusto or Magicos (52X115). The Magicos is one of the outmost successful releases launched by Habanos throughout the past recent years. Further to this prestigious vitola selection of this release, is the fact that this regional edition cigar was hand-rolled in the famous El Laguito factory with well-aged tobacco of five years. Habanos SA chose pays tribute to this great city by giving its 2016 Regional Edition its name “Byblos”, exclusively dedicated for the Lebanese market.