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  • Rum

    Ron Santiago de CUBA

    - 150 Years of History

    - One of the Best RUM in the World

    - Secrets hidden are behind making it the greatest rum in Cuba.

    - Lot of International prizes confirm this unique quality

    Excellent & Perfect pairing with Habanos Cigars

    A green mountain range named “Sierra Maestra”, the golden sun and the Caribbean Sea characterize the landscape around the city Santiago de Cuba and are to be found again in the rum’s logo. But the cradle of Cuban culture is not only expressed in the logo: every sip of Santiago de Cuba Rum stands for a sip of Cuban zest for life and spirit. The great Cuban rum distilleries and fantastic Cuban rum came into existence at the end of the 19th century. One of the largest distilleries is located in Santiago de Cuba, the capital of Cuban culture. The cradle of fantastic rum creations is located here, where it is produced and bottled. The secrets of producing rum are passed on from generation to generation. So the “Maestros Roneros” are in possession of a truly well-guarded treasure. Only with this knowledge, hundreds of years of experience and with the help of the best sugar cane in Cuba it is possible to produce rum of this superb quality.

    Cubans usually enjoy their rum pure. But of course it is also excellently suitable for cocktails and long drinks

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