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    We are proud to announce that the Vintage walk In Humidor at La Casa Del Habano at Beirut Duty free is the first Duty Free Walk-In Humidor in the world offering the largest collection of rare and Vintage Cigars worldwide.

    All cigars listed here are aged at least 4 years. Many of the cigars improve with age and develop a distinct flavor and taste over time.

    We acquire Vintage cigars throughout the year and are always updating our stock.

    Enjoy the Mature Habanos.

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    Through an  overlong path, paved with immense hard work and sacrifices on the way, Phoenicia was granted in 2008 for the first time in  the Cuban Cigar history the choice to have a  cigar produced by Habanos  and named after a company name; hence" Phoenicio 30 anniversario". Neither  distributors nor partners  have ever received such a sign of appreciation from Habanos.

    Several special regional editions, hand rolled in the famous El Laguito factory with well aged tobacco followed and  another remarkable and most recent  one was the highlight  of cigars aficionados, the "Phoenicio 35" which "James suckling rated it as 98%"

    Havana Insider 

    7 exclusive   cigars editions were produced;  several editions' name are related to iconic  Lebanese cities as a tribute to our great country: LEBANON

    2008 the Ramon Allones Phoenicio 30 Anniversario was launched to celebrate our company 30 years

    2009, the Ramon Allones Beritus was launched as a tribute to the great Phoenician City, Beirut.

    2010, the Ramon Allones Phoenicio 32 was launched to celebrate our company 32 years anniversary

    2012, the Ramon Allones Eshmoun was launched as a tribute to the God of our Phoenician City Saida

    2013, The Ramon Allones Sidon  was launched as a tribute to our Lebanese City Sidon

    2014, The Ramon Allones Sur was launched as a tribute to Tyr

    2015, the Ramon Allones Phoenicio 35, was launched to celebrate the 35th anniversary of our company Phoenicia.

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