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Ramon Allones Sidon Bn 25 Cigars(RE13)



This product is no longer in stock

Size Sobresalientes
Ring 53
Length 153mm
Ring Size 21,04mm
Cigars per box 25

We are glad to share with you the new 2013 Regional & Exclusive Edition cigar dedicated for the Lebanese market, the “Ramon Allones Sidonâ€.

The Phoenician city of Sidon was inhabited in 4000 BC where it was an important commercial port during that era.

The city was well known for its glass manufacturing & the production of the famous purple dye from murex shells

Sidon surpassed all other Phoenician cities in wealth, commercial initiative, & religious Significance.

Due to its prominence it was the target for a succession of conquerors. When Alexander the great tried to invade the city, Sidonians locked their gates & immolated themselves rather then surrendering to the invader.

The temple of Eshmoun, the Sea Castle & Khan El Franj are witnesses on the importance this old city had.

The modern city of Saida is the capital of South Lebanon & the 3rd biggest city in the country.

As a tribute to this heritage Habanos named its Regional & Exclusive Edition for the year 2013 after Sidon- a special cigar for a special city.

Only 4000 boxes of “Ramon Allones Sidon†were released.

It contains 25 Habanos hand – rolled by skilled Cuban cigar rollers, using best quality Cuban tobacco from Pinar Del Rio plantations and under the supervision of Habanos SA