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Ramon Allones Superiores 10 Cigars (LCH10)



Size Coronas Gordas
Ring 46
Length 143mm
Ring Size 18,26mm
Cigars per box 10

Habanos s.a. is pleased to introduce a new specialty exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano Franchise network: The Allones Superiores from Ramon Allones.

The brand founded in 1837, is known by being the first one to pack the cigars in boxes decorated with labels as we know it today. The Habanos manufactured under this brand has a well gained recognition among all smokers and they are made in the emblematic Partagas Cigar Factory

All the cigars under the Ramon Allones brand are filled with a blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region in Pinar del Rio, characterised by their intense and complex taste. Among the range of sizes under the Ramon Allones brand, the Gigantes, the Specially Selected and the Small Club Coronas clearly stands out in the brand portfolio.

This new size, Allones Superiores, (girth 46 and 143 mm long) whose factory name is a Corona Gorda is made up of only 5 000 boxes comprising 10 units each, and will surely delight the most demanding palates.

Of great complexity and strong flavour as it is characteristic in the brand, the Allones Superiores from Ramon Allones will be available in the coming weeks in the Casas del Habano outlets worldwide.

Brand: Ramon Allones

Commercial Name: Allones Superiores

Factory Name: Coronas Gordas

Dimensions: Cepo 46 por 143 mm de largo

Presentation: Cabinet box of 10 units